The Losing Candidate


A political drama about questionable men, incompetent presidents, impeachments, Constitutional amendments, and the strength of America

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Dr. Thomas Cordray is a writer, theologist, professor and political junkie. He analyzes, dissects, and reviews political campaigns in an effort to understand politics, politicians and the people that vote for them. He even puts his theories into practice, running five times for office and losing each time. He is the “Losing Candidate”.

Dr. Cordray’s wife Rhonda is just as involved, curious, and intense in politics. But she has taken another road of causes, committees, nonprofits, and grass roots activism to express her efforts. Together Thomas and Rhonda have tried to better their community, their state, and their country even when no one seems to care.

Frank Watson is one of the movers and shakers behind a centuries old left leaning think tank. The Recent election of an ignorant, unskilled, plutocrat by the American people have destroyed years of plans, efforts, and work to globalize the country and prepare it for leadership in the new century. In an effort to repair and regroup his foundation is looking for any solution, any hope to restore the honor of the Presidency and the hope for the future. A reference in an obscure tome written by an unknown professor solves a lingering problem. Franks efforts to reveal the identity of the author finds a dedicated man that has actually participated in politics. But he has always lost every race he has every run. Have Frank and his foundation found the man to restore their fortunes? Can they actually get this losing candidate elected? If he is elected, can he bring the country closer together. Can this man, this single man, breach the divide, forestall a narcissistic, egoistic, man child and bring the people back into their government? Quite a tall order for a Losing Candidate.


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