Betrayal of Faith


A murder mystery surrounding the manipulation of votes in the state of Florida.  Can one man preserve our freedoms and our vote?



A political whodunit, Betrayal of Faith, touches on some of the most recent hot button issues on the national scene. Betrayal of Faith is a fictional story about the use of touch screen paperless voting systems to manipulate the vote in Florida elections. Derived from recent true events, the story follows a single freelance computer hack and part time political activist as he follows a trail of corruption and greed to find out the truth about vote manipulation in Florida. Pulled in as a witness to an unsolved out of state murder, the hack uses his skills to uncover hidden computer files, track secret codes, and dodge bullets as he follows a lead to the highest levels of government. Join the hero as he finds out who would commit the largest Betrayal of Faith in the American voting system.


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