Inhale Fear, Breathe Anger:


Dixiecrats, TEA Partiers and Changing Political Paradigms

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The current political polarization in the United States calls into question whether this has ever happened before. Are we, as a nation, unique in our anger? What is driving this polarization? This book is an historical analysis of the politics of our country. Where did Democrats come from? Why the Republican Party? Who are the TEA Partiers and Dixiecrats and how have they, the Democrats, Republicans, Whigs and a lot of others shape this country and bring us to this point? How did their ideologies become what they are? The author is a product of the recent political wars; a three time state candidate, campaign manager, and general political participant. He brings a unique perspective to the whole issue of the current polarization as only one who has actually fought the political battles on the front lines can.


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