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March of the Resistance!

I've never believed in protest marches. Too often, a march seems only a physical manifestation of an idea of which we are already aware. More often than participants want to admit, it's simply a ragtag group of fringe activists shouting at the moon, holding up traffic, or occupying street corners that would be better used for public conveyance. The marches themselves seem disorganized, rambling, and end with rhetoric that does nothing but allow participants to vent built-up frustrations and schedule another protest. They are great for getting mom, uncle Bob, and your freaky aunt Matilda out of the house so we can catch up on some "honey-do list" projects. That they return home refreshed with a lot of positive energy is a bonus, I suppose, but I have seen little more beneficial effect than that. Not that I am against marches or protests. Believe me, I like a good walk, ...
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FAKE NEWS: ‘Alternative Facts’ from Trumplandia

By Richard Hébert I heard a rumor recently from an anonymous acquaintance: That the Donald is not really 70 years old. He’s more like 74 or 73. Maybe 75. And he wasn’t born in the U.S.A. He was born in Nazi Germany -- in 1942 or 1943, or maybe 1941. And his real name, like that of his grandfather, is Drumpf. So, Mr. Drumpf, which is it? You could resolve all this confusion quite simply by showing us your long-form birth certificate. While you’re at it, how about adding those tax returns? The past 10 years or so would do nicely. The ACLU has filed a Freedom of Information Act request for them to help you along. Contrary to your alternative universe, we all would very much like to see them. No one is accusing you of lying, of course. But still, we’re learning from you that facts are not ...
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Let's be honest. He wasn't what the majority in the U.S. wanted, not even among Republicans. He bullied his way through the Republican primaries, barely getting 40% of the vote when faced with any opposition by two or more candidates, and usually receiving much less than 40%. But a technicality of Republican voting allowed his accession to Republican presidential candidate by virtue of the winner-take-all primary voting system. Sixty percent or more of Republican activists wanted someone, anyone, other than Donald Trump. Even a majority of the Republican leadership wanted someone, anyone, else. Many of that leadership denounced the man during and after the Republican primary, often publicly endorsing his opponent. His ascension to President was dependent on the same primary voting technicality that was in force in most states when awarding electoral votes: winner-take-all. So, even in the face of an overwhelming majority of U.S. Citizens voting for and ...
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Welcome to Courtney Press!

Welcome to Courtney Press!  We developed this site to, in a small way, resemble your community bookstore.  Or at the least, a bookstore you would like to have in your community. You know the one we’re talking about.  The community bookstore where you go in for the local newspaper, a little refreshment, and a serious discussion on the ills of the world and how you would solve them.  (I know if anyone would listen to me and my friends it would all be resolved by now!) In this vein we intend to offer knickknacks, specialized items (Some that may offend or not.), local crafts and art, books, newsletters, commentary, comments and content for reading, buying or discussing with your friends, neighbors, and adversaries. So please come on in, look around, join in the conversations or buy a few items.  The local authors and craftsmen offering the items would really appreciate ...
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