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MINDWARP, A Novella...And Other Strange Tales

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From Richard Hebert

The novella comprises half the book. The remainder consists of eight short stories and ruminations ranging from "flash fiction" of a page or two, such as the one above and "The Road Taken," to longer tales of 20-22 pages each like "Azazel," "Silence," and "Stephen."

Most of the stories were written during a 10-year span when the author expatriated and lived in a succession of eight countries on three continents for extended periods of time.

As the book's back cover reveals, the novella introduces the reader to "a deranged author (who) goads a barroom buddy into serving as his fictional foil." In a single phrase, it's a mind-bender, and thus the title..





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The Prince  

   Princes and Princesses don’t exist only in times long ago or lands distant. Princes and Princesses live here in our times with us. Not with the royal trappings or lineage passed down by man, but they live as created by nature and anointed by Truth. These noble men and women are the defenders of truth in our world. They fight the battles that must be fought far from the headlines of mortal men. Truth is in their swords and their deeds. But there are few men who can achieve the exalted rank of Prince of the Earth. No one knows the linage of those chosen to strive for the title of Prince. Those chosen often fail in the achievement. Many attend these choices and their trials because the power of those who succeed is immense and real. Into this realm Cedric is chosen to try to ascend to the rank of Prince. Shamus, as companion, seeks to assist in the attainment. Their trials will define the future of the Realm as well as the world of men itself. Join them as they, their friends, and the Princesses that hold their own rank, work to protect Truth and crown a new Prince. This book is the story of the coming of the novitiate Cedric and his first trial to achieve the rank of Prince of the Earth. It introduces us to the Realm that exists in contemporary times, yet hidden in plain site. It is a fantasy of Princes, Princesses, sword fights, and magic. Come join Cedric, his love Princess Anna and their companions Shamus and Meldroit as they fight for Truth and each other.

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Inhale Fear, Breathe Anger: Dixiecrats, T.E.A. Partiers, and Changing Political Paradigms    
  Ever wonder why we, as a nation, are so polarized in our politics? I did. I am a liberal. A political junkie, professional politician, and patriot. I had to know why party was becoming so much more important than country. So I began researching the cause. Is this just a blip in the history of the country? Have we been here before. Is what were experiencing inevitable, a process of our history?

   Join me in my search. Find out that Lincoln was a Whig longer than a Republican. Find out that Lincoln wasn't even a Republican when he was elected the second time. Learn that the vaunted Constitution was not a sacred document admired by all the Founders. Find out where the TEA Party began, who are they, and why. Join me as I try to find out if we can stop, as a nation, inhaling fear and breathing anger.
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American Contemporary Christmas Stories   Betrayal of Faith
   American Contemporary Christmas Stories is a compilation of ten short stories written for and in the modern times.  Each story was written as a Christmas present to pass out to family and friends and as the years went by the stories continued by popular demand, one each year, reflecting on the times and events of the year the story was written. 
   The stories represent the common struggles of many that are intensified and spotlighted during the Christmas season.  They highlight the innate strong character of American men and women to overcome the obstacles and work toward a moment of peace and goodwill to all, even if it is for but a single day of the year.
   Watch Jenny as she beats her own demons, see Angelina’s present.  Follow Mr. Weather’s and Sammy as they deliver papers so Santa can come.  Join them all as they celebrate an American Contemporary Christmas.
Christmas Stories book image      A political whodunit, Betrayal of Faith, touches on some of the most recent hot button issues on the national scene. Betrayal of Faith is a fictional story about the use of touch screen paperless voting systems to manipulate the vote in Florida elections. Derived from recent true events, the story follows a single freelance computer hack and part time political activist as he follows a trail of corruption and greed to find out the truth about vote manipulation in Florida. Pulled in as a witness to an unsolved out of state murder, the hack uses his skills to uncover hidden computer files, track secret codes, and dodge bullets as he follows a lead to the highest levels of government. Join the hero as he finds out who would commit the largest Betrayal of Faith in the American voting system. Betrayal of Faith book image

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