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The Stupidity of It All

How ludicrous. How two dimensional. How ridiculous. Recent reports have given sway to Second-places arguments for re-election. He plans to be both the victim and the hero. Good Goddess, when will the insanity end? Worst of all, many people in the political arena think it will resonate and work with independents and those he needs to gain an Electoral College victory again. Yes, Electoral College victory, because his handlers are quite sure he will never win the general vote. Their pitch is that he has been harassed on all sides. That he has never been able to implement his plan because Washington insiders, the Deep State, and the liberal Democrats have all conspired to keep him from succeeding. That all of these people have thwarted his moves through the Muller investigation, liberal courts, and Fake News in order to make him look bad and keep his power. But, ‘Our Hero’ ...
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Get Over It

It’s been a bit since I last wrote about politics and the happenings in the world. I mean what is there to say? Second-place is a looming buffoon. McConnell believes he has it all under control and he hasn’t. The Republicans have shown they have no backbone and the Democratic House is in danger of backlash because they won’t do what the people want, impeach.     Is there any light of day? Any wise words to unite the country again, getting us to move forward? Any way we can recover our status in the world, let alone our self-respect? I have no words of comfort for you. I wish I did. But doing so would be blowing smoke up your bum. Who needs more confusion and lies than we already have?     What we have is a lot of work to do. For better or worse, mostly worse, Second-place has done one ...
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I have watched the parade of atrocities, missteps, and unbelievable decisions that have engulfed the Trump administration these last several months. Indeed, the daily barrage of ignorance, miscalculation, and just plain stupidity have been born out across the media and social networks in such numbers to have numbed the observer to any new egregious outbursts. Basically, we are just plain tired of the circus and want to go home. But the ticket has been bought and the seat taken. Unless some miracle happens, such as the clowns refusing to participate anymore in these sad acts, or even the fire marshal shutting it down, we are doomed to watch it unfold for another 31 months. Fortunately, an intermission appears in 5 months and we may be able to save ourselves from this interminably bad production. Until then, what do we make of this buffoon and his presidency? Why does his right-wing ...
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What the DACA is going on?

With a plethora of possible rants to choose from — hurricanes, North Korea and tax reform among them — today I have chosen immigration, primarily because of President Trump’s announcement that he would phase out the DACA program initiated by President Obama. Now many of you may not even know to what this latest government and media acronym refers. Let me enlighten you.
DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It mandates a Department of Homeland Security administrative function. Implemented during the Obama presidency, it allows children that were brought to the United States by undocumented immigrants to be given a two-year renewable deferment and the possibility of a work permit. It was an effort to right a terrible wrong against children.
The understanding was that children had no choice in their immigration to the U.S. Their parents brought them whether they wanted to come or not. Now, after ...
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Rubio. Where for art thou, Rubio?

I’m angry. We live in a republic. Now, I know a lot of you are going to interject and say we live in a democracy, but you would be wrong. Go find the definition on your own if you don’t understand the difference. I don’t have time here to teach you because, frankly, I’m more than a bit upset with our Senator, Marco Rubio, and his inability to live up to the most basic part of a republic. The basic premise is that HE is supposed to do the research and gather the information before he takes a vote representing us. He seems incapable of doing so even in the simplest of tasks. He just hangs onto and parrots party dogma and propaganda as truth. Then he uses the line of false rhetoric to justify his votes on OUR behalf.
Case in point: I’ve just watched his video wherein he ...
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