About Us

Welcome to Courtney Press!

Intense Discussion on World Events

We developed this site to, in a small way, resemble your community bookstore.  Or at the least, a bookstore you would like to have in your community. You know the one we’re talking about.  The community bookstore where you go in for the local newspaper, a little refreshment, and a serious discussion on the ills of the world and how you would solve them.  (I know if anyone would listen to me and my friends it would all be resolved by now!)

In this vein we intend to offer knickknacks, specialized items (Some that may offend or not.), local crafts and art, books, newsletters, commentary, comments and content for reading, buying or discussing with your friends, neighbors, and adversaries. So please come on in, look around, join in the conversations or buy a few items.  The local authors and craftsmen offering the items would really appreciate it and so would we.  At least click on the advertising links.  That helps as well.

We will have a number of contributing authors offering opinions, insights, and observations.  These authors may be pointedly opinionated or just offering a view of new places or events.  In either way we encourage interaction but insist all comments be signed by the actual author.  No hiding behind pseudonyms, false identities, or your mother’s skirts (or father’s. We don’t judge.) After all you should be willing to stand for your beliefs.  The contributing authors are.

Comments are not posted until they are reviewed.  So please, we don’t mind you calling someone a dimwitted fool, especially if you have the supporting proof.  Just leave the profanity on your computer, phone or tablet.  Have the decency to ensure your barb, wit, or zinger entertains as well as makes the point.  After all we want your audience to be post-pubescent although many that read here may not be.

Above all Courtney Press will be a work constantly in progress as all good bookstores are.  We will add new items, new craftsmen and women, books, commentary, contributors as we grow and evolve.  Good friends may leave and then come back.  But hopefully, the bookstore, Courtney Press will remain.  Allowing you to look around each corner or shelf for that new item that excites and bring you back for more.

If you would like to reach us, please send us and email at dlcourtney@courtneypress.com.  We will attempt to reply to your correspondence quickly.