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The Stupidity of It All

How ludicrous. How two dimensional. How ridiculous. Recent reports have given sway to Second-places arguments for re-election. He plans to be both the victim and the hero. Good Goddess, when will the insanity end? Worst of all, many people in the political arena think it will resonate and work with independents and those he needs to gain an Electoral College victory again. Yes, Electoral College victory, because his handlers are quite sure he will never win the general vote.

Their pitch is that he has been harassed on all sides. That he has never been able to implement his plan because Washington insiders, the Deep State, and the liberal Democrats have all conspired to keep him from succeeding. That all of these people have thwarted his moves through the Muller investigation, liberal courts, and Fake News in order to make him look bad and keep his power.

But, ‘Our Hero’ has fought these bad people at every turn. He has forced through tax cuts, stood hard against immigrants, and used his executive orders to implement his vision. He has drained the swamp of disreputable villains and cleaned up the executive branch, even though he stands in a mire much higher than when he took office. It would all be laughable if he and his followers didn’t whole heartedly believe the whole damn thing.

Not once has Second-place or his followers ever even understood that the people are standing in his way, using what ever means given them, to keep him from implementing these horrible assaults on our country and its humanity. They say give him a chance when we know, we know, implementing these horrific policies is not only illegal, immoral, and unethical, but wrong and damaging to our country. They act as if we don’t understand how good it will be when it is fully functional. But our country has been there before. We don’t have to see. We have seen it, it is in our history, and it is a terrible solution. One we will never, ever embrace again.

He is not the hero his followers believe he is, a single man standing against an evil world. He is the evil ignorant man the world is standing against. To use a pop culture analogy, he is not Tony Stark, he is Thanos. Second-place uses simple solutions because he is a simple, ignorant man and cannot understand complexities. Therefore he eliminates any complexities. Like Thanos, he believes he has the right to eliminate half the population and make them live under his rules. But like Thanos, Second-place doesn’t have that right to be judge, jury and executioner, no matter how self-important he thinks he is. No one has made him God or even a King. Might does not make right. Second-place doesn’t succeed because we are in his way. He doesn’t succeed because he is wrong, incompetent and incapable.

Worst his successes aren’t even successes. His tax cuts have helped the rich and redistributed middle class funds to them, but it hasn’t helped the economy or the people. His executive orders deregulating industries, cutting red tape or selling off public lands are not only illegal but hurting the people of the United States while they are allowed to stand. The economy he promotes has the same growth or less than his predecessor. His unemployment figures have only dropped .8 percent below his predecessors while his predecessor’s unemployment figure dropped a full 8 percent. It is all a farce, a fa├žade that is quickly falling apart under policies he is embracing from the Republican leadership. And I say embracing because he never had one policy idea in his life. He only adopts those policies from those that are sycophantic enough to praise him while using him.

We have work ahead of us, folks. We can’t dissuade those who support him, they are just to ignorant or invested to understand or know. But we can ensure those on the fence see him for what he is and allow us to return this country to the stature and mantel of freedom it was meant to be.

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